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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Workin On My Paper and watching American Idol

Well, it's a Tuesday night here at the Graves house. We're sitting on the couch watching American Idol and I've watched it since the beginning of the season. And this being my first time doing that, it makes the American Idol process longer but maybe more enjoyable, I'm not sure. My favorites guys are Michael "Big Mike" Lynche and Andrew Garcia with a little bit of Casey James. My favorite girls are Krystal Bowersox, Haeley Vaughn, Lacey Brown and Lilly Scott. The criteria of being a favorite can be based on voice, looks, and/or demeanor. Oh and I like Aaron Kelly and Lee Dewyze. I like Lacey cuz she looks like a red-headed pixie and Lee Dewyze because when you say his name it sounds like "lead da wise". I think my favorite girl singer would have to be Haeley Vaughn and Krystal Bowersox. Favorite guy singer is Mike Lynche and it's hard for any of the rest of them to live up to him that I can't think of anyone else that I like as much as him. Sorry fellows. Ok, so yeah not really paying any attention to working on my paper but I got to cuz it's due TOMORROW! So, HELP BEKAH! haha she's my person who proofreads my papers and stuff so I thank God for her. Well American Idol is now over and I am going to procrastinate on FB for a while and then get my paper done!

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