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I'm a pretty touchy feely person, and there's no telling what I'll post on these blogs. So you'll just have to read them in order to see.
It'll probably just be my friends and family anyways, so Hi Family and Friends! Thanks for listening to my song. :)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I love Fall!

So, I haven't been here since August and it's already October!
So, I love love love this weather! I love the cold because then I can put on a hoodie if I get cold
or I can just not wear one when I'm hot. Also, it's kinda like how I used to freeze my roomate my freshman year of college. Poor Shadaye, I would put the temperature all the way to 50 because I was so hot natured and she was freezing and whenever she was like, "Can we turn the heart on?" I would be like put on a sweater. haha. I do admit I was rude and slightly mean to her, but I'm hot! And there's nothing I can do about it, but take off my clothes and no body wants me to do that, so yea. I don't see why people will complain about the being cold when they have a hoodie or jacket to put on. I mean come on! You're willing to put us hot natured people through the heat just because you don't wanna upt on a jacket?! Come on! OK, I'm done.
Like I said, I love love love this weather. I love fall I love everything about it.
the weather :)
the noisy leaves
the colors
people hurrying to get into a building because they're cold.
people getting under the blankets during a hayride.

But anywho, I think this is all I have to say this time.