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Friday, December 18, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Today, I got a wordpress that my friend Ari and I are doing. It's just something for us to do together since we don't get to hang out all that much anymore :C
But anywho, here's an update:
This week has been hectic in that those of us in the Graves house have been really busy.
My sister and I had finals this week and my sister graduated on Thursday night [go sissy] and then today was her boyfriend’s band concert and tomorrow [deep breath] waking up, Bekah is going to play practice[she's in HSM: The Musical 2] and while she’s there my parents are ringing bells for the Salvation Army, then my sister get’s out of practice and then we go ring bells, then right after that we go back to our house to have a fantabulous graduation party for my sis! so yeah, busy busy day. Oh, and did I mention that it’s my parents 23rd wedding anniversary. So yeah, they don’t get much of an anniversary tomorrow. :C Hopefully, it will be a good day anyway. Well that a little bit about what my life has been like this week so yeah. My life isn’t always as crazy as that, but sometimes I wish it was so that I would have something to do. Boring! Anywhoo, I’m gonna get off of here and get some ZZZZ’s and hopefully get up early enough to make breakfast in bed for the mom and pops.

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