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I'm a pretty touchy feely person, and there's no telling what I'll post on these blogs. So you'll just have to read them in order to see.
It'll probably just be my friends and family anyways, so Hi Family and Friends! Thanks for listening to my song. :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A New Blog

Why do we blog? Practically it's our diary out poured over the entire Internet, but for some reason we don't mind. I know that we don't write down all of our innermost feelings but I'm sure some do and they leave them for the world to see. And then all along some weirdo is scanning through all of the blogs checking for any miscreants. Who knows? I'm sure it happens.
I've been watching The Golden Girls lately and I just love them, maybe Sophia's paranoia is getting to me. I know here lately I've been talking like Blanche. I love having these four older ladies in my life. They bring joy but sometimes sadness and sometimes annoyance[Rose with all of her stories]. Then I start to wonder I wonder which one I'll end up being like the most. I really have no idea but I'm sure I'll be one of a kind. ha ha. Well I'm going now but let everyone who's been reading this blog know that I've speaking like Sophia in my head while writing it. So yea

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